Amanda Wilson     I have been involved in the photographic industry since 1994.  started out as just slacker student who took photo classes to get an “easy A”. Despite finding out very fast that there is nothing “easy” about photography, I fell in love the challenges photography brought my way, even winning several awards along the way. I have worked as a photo lab technician and also interned as a Photographer’s Apprentice for a local corporate photographer at age 17. By the time I was 18, I was shooting weddings and families on my own. Back in the film days, I would mainly shoot black and white and develop them myself.

I took a handful of years off to raise my five children alongside my husband. I re-entered the industry in the early 2000’s, when digital photography really started to take off. Seeing things that could take hours to do in the lab, that now only took seconds, was a huge motivator to get back into the game. After much thought, I re-opened my business and have no intention of turning back. I am always one that loves to ‘geek out’ about photography, is always willing to help a fellow photographer or curious hobbyist, and will talk about it all day long if you let me.